Garrett Ladeluftkuehlernetz Luft-Luft (330 x 259 x 102 mm) - 60

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Garrett Ladeluftkuehlernetz Luft-Luft (330 x 259 x 102 mm) - 600 PS in der Gruppe Motor / Tuning / Garrett Ladeluftkuehlernetz / Luft-Luft Ladeluftkuehlernetz, Garrett bei do88 AB (848054-6024)
Garrett Ladeluftkuehlernetz Luft-Luft (330 x 259 x 102 mm) - 600 PS
Garrett Ladeluftkuehlernetz Luft-Luft (330 x 259 x 102 mm) - 600 PS

Garrett Ladeluftkuehlernetz Luft-Luft (330 x 259 x 102 mm) - 600 PS

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This is a high-end universal intercooler core from Garrett, utilizing advanced Aerospace technology. Whether you are building a custom intercooler for a race or street car this is the given choice if you want industry leading technology. These intercoolers offer superior fatigue protection for the high boost pressures and temperatures of today’s extreme engines.

Garrett has over 75 years of charge air cooler experience and a top position in intercooler design and function making it the given choice for some of the premier names in the performance car industry.

Garrett uses bar and plate technology for their intercooler cores. The bars used in the Garrett intercooler core structure is a lot thinner than most other manufacturers can offer. These thin bars have a very positive effect on the active cooling surface, weight and pressure drop. The cooling fins used is an advanced offset composition with high density which is proven to reduce the intake temperature very efficiently.

Each core is rated for a specific horsepower, making it easier to match your desired power target to the core.

In general, use the largest core that will fit while still being able to manufacture properly designed end tanks within the available space. For air - air intercoolers it is of course also very important to have good ambient air flow through the core. The goal of a well-designed intercooler is to have consistent charge air flow through the tanks and core to optimize cooling and also minimize pressure drop. When we refer to pressure drop it is the fact that the pressure post intercooler will be lower than pre intercooler, this will always be the case for all intercooler designs but a good design gives a lower pressure drop. Side entry end tanks is often ideal for both flow distribution and pressure drop, but in many cases this is not possible due to space limitations in the vehicle.

It is recommended to “soft-mount” the intercooler using rubber isolation grommets which protects from vibration failure and reduces the thermal expansion loads.

* Horsepower rating shown for normal operating conditions, Maximum horsepower potential can be higher than the listed values.

Dimensions for this intercooler core is according to this drawing and the specifications table:

A (Hot Flow): 330 mm
B (No Flow): 259 mm
C (Cold Flow): 102 mm
Modell: Luft-Luft
Leistungsangabe (*): 600 ps
Gewicht: 5,18 kg