Mikalor Supra Heavy duty - Schlauchschellen - Schlauchzubehör

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Schlauchzubehör / Schlauchschellen und zubehör / Heavy duty Schlauchschellen / Mikalor Supra Heavy duty W2

Thanks to it´s swivelling bridge the Supra W2 can be mounted in the most difficult applications without having to remove the hose. It can be opened and fastened again when in place without loosing any other parts of the clamp, making assembly much easier.

The high-strength bolt designed and manufactured by Mikalor specifically for this clamp, together with the captive nut and spacer system allow you to clamp the most demanding of hose assemblies. This is the clamp of choice for professionals in the industrial hose, automotive and agricultural machinery sectors as well as in all industrial applications where an outstanding and above all reliable heavy-duty clamp is required.

The Supra W2 clamp complies fully with the directive EU 20032/95/EC.