BMC Luftzufuhr-System

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Motor / Tuning / Luftfilter / BMC Luftzufuhr-System

BMC Air Filter Box

BMC Air Filter is one of the worldwide leaders in the production of air filters in the automotive sector, both road and racing.

BMC air filter boxes provide the best from several aspects: airflow, filtration, cold air supply and improved visuals. These patent pending air filter boxes is the right choice when do88 don´t have a model adapted solution, or when an open filter cannot be placed to ensure sufficient cold air supply. The unique system with a closed, sealed off box that shuts out surrounding heat and instead only consumes cold air from the supplied air snorkel, really helps in many cases and are considered market pioneering.

The air filter boxes have a pre-oiled cotton filtering element and can be used directly out of the carton. They are easily disassembled for cleaning if needed. BMC filters are also suitable for engines with air flow sensors.

BMC Filters use a cotton filter material that encourages the passage of a large air flow but, through the combination of different layers with low-viscosity oil, is able to stop all impurities from 7 micron on up (synthetic filters usually stops particles 80-micron and up). Currently, this concept is the best solution for both a more effective filtration and for higher performance.

All BMC filters are washable and regenerable. We offer BMC original cleaning and regeneration kit.